"The Pieces Of My Heart"

The Pieces Of My Heart” is my memoir.  It’s written as a series of stories about the things I saw and experienced along my way starting in 1945, when I was born at the end of WWII. I've prepped some of these stories for this blog. They are still drafts of sorts but I hope you will find them readable. There are actually something like 50 of them but here are a few you might like, in chronological order. You'll have to fill in the gaps which sometimes span years, so I wrote an Introduction, the first in the list, to help. I hope you enjoy them.

The Introduction

Leaving Home

The Freedom Summer of '64, Part I

The Freedom Summer of '64, Part II

Where The Boys Are

Alain Gauthier, Bangkok 1975

Busted in Bombay

Death Knocks in India


The Movie Flood

The Money Changer

Coming Home