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Our Last War - Uploaded October 29, 2017
An action plan to take back our nation from the occupiers


A 21st Century Method Of Identifying The Sociopathic Personality - Uploaded April 26, 2017
A radical, 21st century and fun way to see who is a sociopath and who is not


First Thoughts after the election of Donald Trump
Welcome to the end of democracy


A Vote For Bernie Is A Vote For Trump
Sad but true - If you want to help decide the future, read this


Different Brains - Visual Memory Deficit (VMD)
A dyslexia-like brain dysfunction that changes lives - my story


How To Waste Water
A quick look at how much water I wasted before I realized it


Global Rehydration - A New Method for Creating and Distributing Potable Water in the 22nd Century
A very plausible way we could create as much fresh water as we ever could need