First Thoughts After The Election Of Donald Trump

Copyright © 2016 David Goldberg. All rights reserved.


As we all reel in shock in the aftermath of the presidential election we begin a period of self-examination on what will go down as a pivotal moment in world history. The last few days have changed the course of evolution and will profoundly affect the future of civilization. This sounds a bit dramatic but sadly, it is true. With this election, we have completed the transition from orderly, incremental progression to explosive and uncontrolled reaction.

With the election of Donald Trump as our president, we have accepted the modus operandi of ISIS and terrorists everywhere; create chaos, thrive on fear and identify and exploit vulnerability to achieve personal gain. We have now given these means to the most suppressive and tyrannical elements of American society and government and we will reap the consequences.

To prepare us for this new configuration, I think it is important to examine and understand some of the milestones and identify the significant contributors that we missed or denied along the way in an effort to understand history and help guide the future.

The deceit of the mainstream press


In our zeal to champion freedom of speech and a create a fair practices playing field we designed protected public forums for expression. Then we allowed these forums to be appropriated by moneyed manipulators and we disregarded the many warning signs that something was going wrong. When they commandeered the airwaves and bandwidth with repulsive messages of hate and blame, we labeled them allowable in the name of freedom and ignored the damage they did as they poisoned the public’s minds.

The mainstream press gave billions of dollars of free publicity to Donald Trump while ignoring Hillary Clinton unless she was being accused of scandal. For more than a year, CNN led all the major news agencies in displaying dominating photographs of Donald Trump on their front pages every single day, no matter what he was doing or saying or what they were saying about him. You cannot blame this on FOX News alone. Every major news channel, TV or Internet, sold us out for temporary ratings. They knew the power they held and were warned many times along the way of their influence but gleefully played on Americans’ addiction to entertainment to bank astronomical profits. The familiarity created by having the candidate continually displayed on television screens in every home and public place eventually dulled viewers to the danger lurking within. Donald Trump was elected on the strength of their coverage as they fully and intentionally ignored the content of his message.

FBI Director James Comey must go to prison


There were many malicious actors along this trail of errors but James Comey deserves to be singled as he will not only not be held responsible for his actions but will probably even recieve accolades and rewards from the new administration.

As the director of the FBI, he is nearly untouchable and as the man who single-handedly sealed the election for Donald Trump, he will be further protected in the coming years by a grateful president. Any protestations from him about doing his job and unfortunate timing are bullshit. He knew exactly what he was doing, had the authority and latitude to handle the matter in a different manner but chose to meddle in the American election process for his own reasons. He was protecting his job and ingratiating himself with a megalomaniacal presidential candidate who he was betting on to win. Nothing like this has ever happened before. His deliberate and premeditated undermining of the federal election process must be seen as terrorism and he must be indicted, convicted and sent to prison. Any person other than the Director of the FBI found in this situation would be politically and personally destroyed.

The American people are dumbfucks


The American people can no longer be considered among the intelligentsia of the world. During this election pundits continually described the voting public as willing to vote from their anger and frustration. This is not true. The segment of Americans who voted for Donald trump are morons, people for whom education did not inform, poor decision makers and generally psychologically, socially and intellectually retarded. Things have changed in the country that even to this day is home to the best institutions of higher education in the world. That has sadly not insured Americans to be well-informed or intelligent.

This is not about being angry, it is about being stupid. Trump supporters’ reaction to their disenfranchisement was to destroy the future of America and along with that, their children’s future. When a species acts, en masse, to destroy its young, it indicates a profound aberration in its genetic code. By abandoning the checks and balances system we have begun the process of our own genocide. This is not rational thinking and indicates alarming cerebral decline. An intelligent decision would have been to do something constructive, not destructive. Given the choice of figuring out what went wrong and fixing it, Trumpists chose to throw the baby away with the bathwater (literally), extinguish the American dream and bring about their (our) own demise.

This was only possible because Americans can no longer tell when they are being lied to. This would normally be possible through a combination of knowledge and intuition, both of which Americans no longer possess. We have become so enthralled with the media entertainment feeding tube that we cannot differentiate between what we are being told and our own opinions.

The finalization of the police state


Donald Trump has made it clear that he will do what he can to expand police and military authority. He believes in dominating through might. He will do this at home by heavily funding the already paramilitary police departments as well as exonerating police misconduct. The rights and the voices of minorities of all kinds and of those of lesser economic means will be obliterated as he establishes the police as his private army.