Our Last War

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Date:  10/29/2017.  Fourth public draft.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1.     Introduction
2.     We Are Actually Already At War
3.     The Plan
4.     Securing Funding For Our Action
5.     A Dearth Of Leadership
6.     Practical Means
7.     We Begin The Real Work


Executive Summary

This article is an attempt to shift public focus away from the victimhood that has arisen under this Trump presidential administration and to lay groundwork and define infrastructure for an action plan to expose and unseat the current powers.  It speaks specifically to organization and participation involving all citizens, according to their skills and willingness to contribute.

It is my hope that this writing will sound the alarm on the immediacy and urgency of our situation.  We are teetering on the point of extinction.  Please join the movement to save our world.

“This article is a call to all thinking people to help formulate and implement a working war plan to end this occupation.”


My friends think I am too militant and see things only in black and white.  Most of them, I feel, are highly intelligent and so I take their opinions seriously.  In my defense, I don’t see everything in black and white but it is true, over time I sometimes reach strong conclusions which are pretty immutable.

I think one of the reasons civilization is circling the drain is that, for some inherent reason, men and women of conscience have always been hesitant to take a stand against evil until it is too late.  In fact, they have been afraid to even admit that evil exists and that it must be opposed and defeated.  They always hope it can be negotiated.  But, it can’t.

Differences of opinion can be negotiated.  But, once man’s darkest side has gained the momentum to take control, it has to be taken for what it is – a point of no return, a runaway cancer which will consume everything in its path unless it is eliminated to save the organism.  You would not attempt to negotiate with a cancer that was consuming your body and we must recognize that there is no bargaining with the dark forces that are now devouring civilization to their own advantage.  People must realize that the selfish exploitation we see in our leaders and their minions is not simply a phase.  It is a sign of a permanent, evolutionary change transpiring right before our eyes.

I believe that as denizens of the evolutionary chain, my civilized friends and I, can and should contribute to the future course of civilization.  In fact, I think we should dominate it.

We Are Actually Already At War

Americans need to understand that we are embroiled in a war, right here on our soil and every day in our lives, in our homes, our places of work and worship, surrounded by our families and friends.  It has begun right under our noses and is insidious that we don’t see it even though it is completely overwhelming us.  We are the proverbial frog in the kettle with the water not so slowly coming to a boil, we are the Pompeiians slowly being buried by volcanic ash as mount Vesuvius obliterates all traces of our former lives.

What is happening in America and around the world now cannot be compared to anything we have experienced in the past.  It is not simply a transitory anomaly along the historical timeline but a sea change that will not respond to outdated methods of political maneuvering or social outrage.  This coup that has occurred must be identified for what it is and taken deadly seriously.  It is an ideological occupation with an enemy as real as ISIS but just not as apparent because the killing has begun slowly.

And the killing will escalate but it will be different this time.  It will be people dying for loss of healthcare, dying in unmonitored prisons, dying at the hands of police, dying through punitive immigration laws, starving to death from lack of work or lack of quality food, dying as a result of a crumbling infrastructure, unchecked drug epidemics, electric blackouts, polluted water sources, uncontained contaminant spills, lack of disaster relief and hoarded resources.  Yes, this is the beginning of an apocalypse and we can’t see it because we are in the middle of it and don’t want to see it because it is partly our fault.

We have had many opportunities over the years to avert this Armageddon but have done nothing, which makes us complicit in our own demise.  I believe we do still have a breath of a chance to turn the tide but can only succeed if we are willing to adopt drastic measures and redefine our moral imperatives.  It will require more than ideology, social networking, personal awareness, good intentions.  This fight requires good people to ACT, to commit in new ways to winning a war that is the last war we will ever get to fight.  If we do not act now, civilization will drop into a bottomless sinkhole and mankind will devolve into the primitive animals from which we derived.  I mean this literally. A new breed of human is already roaming the earth, without remorse, without conscience, without empathy, preying on the less fortunate with no regard for consequences.  This may sound dire but it is already evident in many places around the world.  Our little bubble here in the United States is about to break and expose us to the most awful occurrences that are experienced daily in third world countries, one of which we will be, in a short time.

We need to look at our current situation and be able to say, unequivocally, that the people who control our government today are TRAITORS and enemies.  They are racists, elitists, exploiters and criminal conspirators.  They are pirates who have overthrown our orderly democratic system and are looting our land and extinguishing our future.  Yes, this apocalyptic vision is meant to shock you.  It is meant to force your adrenalin to churn, to scare you into stopping, looking around and reassessing what you see - and, hopefully getting you to choose to do something about it.  It is not an exaggerated fantasy.  We are marching inexorably toward the total collapse of our society and we will not take it seriously.  One would hope, if we are lucky, we will wake up from this dream and realize we are staring at our last chance.  Wake up NOW.  This IS the last chance, for us, our children and future generations, to preserve anything good we created in the last 1000 years, to steer civilization back onto a course that will ensure survival and avert inevitable self-destruction.

The remedy is ACTION.  The ideologues have had all the time in the world to philosophize, to think and talk about our situation.  To continue to take cover in these processes without implementing an action plan is to surrender to the demise of humanitarian society.

The Plan

Unfortunately, at this time (2017), we are lacking a cohesive action plan.  We find ourselves as at the beginning of any war, trying to see our way through the unthinkable, find resources, motivate people to come together for common goals and devise methods to combat an enemy we don’t fully understand.  People everywhere are taking small initiatives; raise some money here, support this candidate there, publish articles, go on talk shows, advocate for immigrant rights, affordable health care, women’s and LGBT rights.  All good but these actions do not add up to a unified and consistent battle plan.

What we must create is a war strategy that is more than our enemy expects of us, one that will undermine and do real damage to the right’s war machine.  But, let me be clear, for good reason I AM NOT ADVCATING A VIOLENT REVOLUTION.  A violent revolution would leave our land, our home, in tatters.  History has shown revolutions simply pave the way for the next suppressive regime..  This must be a non-violent but overwhelming attack on the professed morality and fabricated ‘principles’ of the new order.  We must develop an offensive strategy that will weaken, destabilize, humiliate and expose them as the traitors they are, one person at a time, one business at a time, one institution at a time, and yet preserve our land for future generations.  Our goal should be to reanimate our humanitarian institutions which once were the pride of free people everywhere.  Yes, they weren’t perfect and we can do better, but now is our last chance to prove that.

Understand, we will never convince the enemy that they are wrong because they simply don’t care one way or the other.  Their goal is not to defend higher moral ground, whatever they say.  It is to seize power and use it to their own benefit.  This is not an oversimplification.  Don’t complicate things.  This is what drives right-wing autocrats.  And be clear, people who themselves will never be autocrats but who support and defend their push to power do so in the hope that they will profit from the outcome themselves and so are equally culpable.  The time for being nice and giving people the benefit of the doubt is over.  It’s very clear which side people are on and they must take responsibility and suffer the consequences for that.

Right wing conservatives have been working local jurisdictions for years to tighten their grip on the grass roots of America.  We can learn from their experience.  Things like gerrymandering, poll taxes, biased ID requirements, controlling school boards and indoctrinating our children with fake history and false moralities, controlling building departments to determine local housing demographics, controlling the police and the courts, privatizing jails and prisons, public office nepotism,.  These are all locally coordinated efforts that have long-reaching impact.  We have to take back control of these institutions.  It will be a difficult road but these are the foundation of the American dream and the foundation upon which our government is built.  They must once again belong to the people.

These problems can be fixed but before leaders on the left can expect the support of the populace, we must prove we deserve it by creating a plan that is better than anything we have had before, a practical plan where good people can get directly involved in doing what is necessary to overcome rampant malicious and criminal behavior and restore the humanitarian goals our country was built upon.  If those of us who would lead this fight for restoration of our freedoms expect support from our neighbors, we have to give people something they can trust, not just idea-soup.  We need a “Reclamation User’s Manual” that lays out real-world methods to attain our goals, methods that everyone can help with and be a part of.

Let’s speak about a couple of essential misunderstandings;

First of all, almost all protesting at this stage is a waste of time.  This should be obvious from past experience and please don’t mine history to find the one-in-a-million example where a protest may have contributed to change.  In almost every case there were much more practical forces at work behind the scenes which effected the change.  Protesting is what people have been doing for years and gotten nowhere.  There are better ways for protestors to channel their energy into work that actually achieves something timely and tangible.

The same goes for social networking.  Whining and complaining on social networks is a waste of time and an easy way to avoid making any real commitment to change.  In 2010, social networking was hailed as a driving force in the Arab Spring uprising and lauded as the new weapon against tyranny.  But just remember, Arab Spring failed miserably and was the precursor to brutal suppression and continuing conflict in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen.

In this fight against tyranny in our own land, social networks should be used for strategic information dissemination – this is happening now, this event is happening here, volunteers needed here, money can be sent here, etc.  Venting about how bad the opposition is should be seen as wasting valuable bandwidth and be discouraged.  We know that already.  In fact, talking about it too much has inured us to the clear and present danger around us just like seeing Donald Trump every day on TV during the election made us forget that he was a pathologically maladjusted adolescent.  The state we are in is no longer something that can be ‘discussed’ away.  We must identify practical action that will begin to tear down the institutions, financial, political and personal, that are the core of the opposition.

Securing Funding For Our Action

For any of this to work, we must figure out how local funding and other local actions can bring about personnel change in the government, one office at a time, starting at the bottom.  We must unrelentingly fight for each and every elected and appointed government position and replace exploiters and apathetic politicians with our fighters, people who are dedicated to rolling back the damage which has been done.

To be clear, the funding to underwrite this major ideological war IS there.  Those  who believe in our cause can support it if they wish to, but eliciting that financial support is always a continuing hurtle.  More than half the people who voted in the United States 2016 election did not vote for the current administration’s goals and methods.  That is a large enough segment of the population to fund the fight for the rehabilitation of our nation IF those people can be motivated to contribute.  Add to that the fact that only 59% of the 219 million eligible voters actually voted at all!  If a significant portion of the almost 90 million people who abstained can be motivated, that adds many more millions of people who might be willing to help with the fight.

We now know how large projects can be financed with crowdfunding, soliciting and collecting many small donations via the internet.  Each person can give according to their ability – if you can afford $10, give that.  If you can afford $10 million, give that.

But, why should anyone give money and support to an amorphous cause with a dismal track record, no clearly stated goals and no systems in place to attain them?  Not a very compelling argument.  I wouldn’t .  We need to take the scattered beginnings of our resistance and forge it into an unstoppable plan.  As this happens, sponsorship will have a clear and effective avenue through which to work.

A Dearth Of Leadership

Where are our leaders?  This is our most pressing problem.  We don’t have any!  Where are our viable presidential candidates?  Where are our potential governors, our mayors, our legislators, our police chiefs to run against the incumbents?  There are no great leaders waiting in the wings and willing to take the reins of government in a sweeping transformation.  Why?  Because we don’t offer them solid support they can count on.

Who would want to put their life and career on the line only to be hung out to dry by their constituents?  Need examples?  How about Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, two talented, courageous crusaders who stepped into the fray on our behalf and whom we abandoned in mid-fight.  We watched them be buried in lies and fake news, get trampled and maligned by the forces of evil and all we could say was “tsk, tsk, tsk”.  We are the ones who should be ashamed of ourselves.  Unless Americans can man up and start defending what we know is right, there is no point is complaining as we watch our ideals be extinguished.

We have to learn that winning this battle is the most important thing we will ever do for ourselves and future generations.  We must stop fighting amongst ourselves, selfishly nitpicking every finicky personal issue, set our differences aside, and devote ourselves to WINNING THIS WAR.  We’ll fine-tune the results later.

Practical Means

First, a word about the obvious; ultimately, we must remove republican politicians from office by any legal, nonviolent means available.  Yes, I know “republicans” seems like a sloppy generalization but it is not.  Those people who have continued to identify themselves with the republican party, even as they watched it exploit and destroy our precious freedoms, need to understand that there are consequences for not speaking up against these injustices.  If we are to save civilization, everyone needs to understand that this point is, in fact, black and white.  You are either with the destroyers or against them.  There is no gray area and it’s not complicated.

To that end, I strongly disagree with the appeasers such as Bernie Sanders who still advocate dialogue with the enemy.  I think it is time to graciously but adamantly disconnect from friends and family who have supported the coup without regret.  They need to know that they cannot choose their selfish ambitions above everything else and still expect people of conscience and compassion to accept them as friends and equals.  They must find themselves isolated with likeminded, self-centered hangers-on and see if that is truly with whom they want to live for the rest of their lives.

From now on, the exploiters, looters and pillagers are the enemy.  We need to expose them, dethrone them and replace them with people we can trust to repair our nation.  And, just as in a conventional war, I say dirty tricks are OK, embarrassment and exposing hypocrisy are legitimate weapons.  This is now a war and the only war one should ever enter is one to win.  Every selfish act, every greedy act, exploitive business practice, ugly personal relationship the enemy has ever been involved in should be exposed and publicized.  Dems must change from Milquetoasts to masters of investigation and public exposure.  No stone should be too sacred to turn.  The world needs to see who they have surrendered the reins to.  Whistle blowers should be welcomed and rewarded.  Perhaps we should even offer cash rewards for information that exposes and embarrasses republican politicians.  Once you are forced to go to war, all is fair, and believe me, the enemy is already doing all the above.

And, to win this war, we must put forth a sustained effort.  Once we start to unravel someone’s life, we should NEVER let it go.  Exposing one incident is not enough.  Once we take aim as someone, we should not release them until their careers and personal lives are destroyed.  I know, that sounds harsh but the only way a war is won is through total destruction of the enemy.  Just irritating them is not enough. 

We should hire an army of private investigators to mine information online and follow and report on any and all republican politicians, lobbyists, conservative talk show hosts, right-wing money sources and all their hangers-on and entourages.  They should have no safe harbors in which to hide.  Every penny of the money embezzled, given to friends and wasted by politicians and influencers and corporate representatives should be spotlighted and reported in a fair press set up for just this thing.  And, legal teams should demand through legal channels that this money be accounted for and repaid, keeping the offenders tied up in the courts forever.

If we begin a sustained effort now, it will eventually bear fruit.

This is our last chance, people.  We need to find practical ways to fight a guerrilla war on our terms, that we can win.  And again, NO, I DON’T MEAN WITH WEAPONS!  A violent revolution will destroy our land, the last thing we want.  We want our beautiful country back, intact, our high ideals back, our compassionate, humanitarian principles back, the opportunity we once had to thrive and prosper, back.  This will not be achieved by a violent revolution.  A revolution would be an acknowledgment that we have lost all hope of saving the planet.  In this day and age of weapons of mass destruction, it is too easy to annihilate the earth.  We don’t want that.  We want our earth back so we can re-grow what has withered, nurture ideals and populations that have been lost.  We want happy children with sustainable futures.

But this will absolutely not happen if we continue to think only of ourselves and wallow in delusion.

Human beings are the only creatures on the earth that can convince themselves of anything.  Yes, that is right.  We can invent anything and persuade ourselves so thoroughly of it that we are willing to die or kill others for the idea.

A few of the great lies of history;

  • god exists and is greater than man
  • god has spoken to me and told me I may kill people in his name
  • people who do not believe in my god are infidels and must be destroyed
  • people of color are inferior to white people
  • women are inferior to men
  • man is basically good and just needs to be reminded that he has gone astray, in order to reform
  • because man is basically good, you can always negotiate a peaceful settlement with your enemy if you try hard enough
  • the trickle-down economic theory works
  • the earth has unlimited resources and we cannot exhaust them
  • if we just take everyone’s guns away, people will revert to loving and caring for one another

Much of the above would be for another discussion but suffice to say:

  • there is no god, we must start taking responsibility ourselves
  • man is not fundamentally good (he is both good and bad)
  • prejudice is an expression of fear
  • gun control is an unworkable and cowardly deflection to avoid fixing what is really wrong with society.

Talking about fixing things is not fixing them.  After a certain amount of talking, it no longer even contributes meaningfully to a solution and eventually becomes an impediment to solving the problem.  We have certainly come to that point now and must break the pattern.  We must substitute ACTION for talking.  In order to win this war, we need a war plan.  We must win more than isolated skirmishes, we must draw up a plan to systematically and relentlessly break down the enemy and deprive them of the higher ground.

Taking back our voting rights is only one part of the plan.  As we have seen, the game is fixed.  Yes, ultimately we will vote in better people and better laws but that is a long way into the future.  Now we need to disrupt the enemy’s death grip on our government and the minds of many of our citizens.

Begin The Real Work

There are some things each of us can do, according to our talents.

Our money must be spent on practical operations, not more ineffectual argument.  Here are some suggestions.  We need your input to fill out this list and your real-world know-how and solutions on how to implement these points:

  1. 1. We must create an information exchange  via the Internet, to organize and implement our effort.  This will include websites, secure digital communications channels, dedicated methods of information exchange and particularly, methods for citizens to contribute ideas and updates on local and national actions.  It needs to be the ultimate source for both secure and transparent information that people can rely on to help coordinate our work.  Creating this is a huge job and safeguarding its integrity will require rare skills.  We do have the resources to do this if we marshal the right people to action.  This will entail web programming and site management and security specialists as well as full-time people to monitor the site.  This is the beating heart of our resistance and ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of this exchange is where our money should be spent.

  2. 2. We need to set up a dedicated and secure method of sharing legal resources throughout the nation so teams of geographically dispersed lawyers can work together on cases to apply sustained pressure to enemy conspirators.  Again, this is web programming and security.

  3. 3. We need to fix our funding problem.  There are big donors waiting for the opportunity to support practical ideas and millions of small donors looking for reputable and understandable causes to support.  Only if our movement can frame and organize real, attainable goals and methods, will we get the financial support we need to bring them to life.  We must create the ability to manage Internet-based funding and distribution.  We must build a transparent infrastructure that clearly shows where our money is and will be spent.  For this we need Internet specialists and experienced financial experts.

  4. 4. We need to begin intensive investigations into the lives and work of all major players in the enemy’s ranks – politicians, funders, lobbyists, public figures who support the administration.  Their private lives, taxes, public statements, travel patterns, investments, should all become public knowledge so people can see what they really stand for.  Investigative work is what many of us do daily on the Net. People all over the nation could contribute to this effort once we have a coherent web presence built to handle the information.

  5. 5. We must refine the methods of documenting, video recording and reporting live events around the nation and delivering it digitally to a central location for sorting and use as intelligence.  This requires app development, data storage and data mining.

  6. 6. Whistleblowers and disgruntled employees are absolutely encouraged.  Cash rewards should be offer to people who bring to light legitimate nefarious enemy dealings.

  7. 7. We must hit the enemy where it hurts, in their pocketbooks, with targeted mass boycotts of businesses that support suppression.  This will work if huge amounts of people take part.  And we need to do it not once (it’s not just a demonstration) but over and over to the same businesses until it cripples their bottom lines.  Let it be known what they stand for.  If you liked demonstrating in public, channel your energy into targeted exposure of enemy institutions.

  8. 8. Stock boycotts.  Get your profits elsewhere.  If you have an investment portfolio, boycott companies who funnel their profits into right-wing causes.  Investigate their methods and financials and publicize what you find and your decision not to invest in them.

  9. 9. We need to set up a central think-tank institution like the WWII Counter Intelligence Agency devoted to quickly identifying the enemy’s dirty tricks and mapping out how to catch them and how to neutralize them before they take effect.

  10. 10. We need a playbook researched and written on how to take back local governance and control of municipalities, counties and states, something that defines how regular citizens can take meaningful part.  Those of you who have worked in local government or worked to support or change it are ideal candidates to teach us how to effectively navigate this arena.

  11. 11. As mentioned, we need to draw lines between our friends and family who support the administration and those of us who are trying to save our country.  They don’t need to be immutable but we cannot continue to be enablers of bad judgement and selfish actions among our friends.

  12. 12. We need to figure out how every man, woman and child on our side can contribute something to the effort.  The work is not just for those of us who think we are ‘great thinkers’!  Great thinkers get you great thoughts and not much change on the ground.  We must divide the labor in ways that create opportunity for meaningful contributions from everyone. 

The above list is simply a framework upon which to build.  Greater minds than mine will take this fight forward.  This list is written for you.  Anyone who can meaningfully add to it or help build the practical means to achieve the above goals is welcomed.  We are working to build an effective web presence to begin to address and coordinate this massive and imperative task.  Stay tuned.

I have this written on the front door of my home, something I believe in:
“There is no prejudice in this house.  Everyone is welcome here.”