I’m getting angry at many of my good friends and here’s why;

All of you who think voting for Bernie Sanders is a good idea should read this article.  It’s based on realism and facts, currently unpopular themes I know, but before you arrogantly plunge America into an uncharted abyss of chaos and anarchy, you should reconsider your choice before we lose this election like we did in 2000 to that moron George W. Bush.

A side note for history denialists – George W. Bush did not steal the election of 2000 from Al Gore.  Al Gore lost because lefty idealists, to make a point, cast their primary votes for the inevitable loser, Green Party candidate Ralph Nader, who in his gigantic, selfish egotism, would not publicly endorse his 2.7% of the popular vote over to Al Gore.  If he had, his voters would have enthusiastically supported Gore and he would have had the slim margin needed to win the election.  Thank you idiot idealists.  Please do not do this again.


A Vote For Bernie Is A Vote For Trump

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Beware my friends.  A vote for Bernie Sanders is indeed, a vote for Donald Trump and you will be running for cover to avoid taking responsibility for this dire mistake in the near future (as you have with the George W. Bush fiasco) if you don’t assess this situation properly now and make amends.

Here’s how it will play out:

Ludicrous is no longer enough to disqualify a presidential candidate. Not even obvious aberrant personality disorder will scare away the disaffected masses who will vote for Trump in protest to the crushing weight they feel from the crash of the American economy, the fear of terrorism and the loss of their freedom, the failure of the justice system and the continuing unfair redistribution of wealth .  They are screaming for retribution and will destroy the democratic American dream before there is any coherent road back to order and healing.

Republican voters WILL elect Donald Trump as their candidate.

The only person in the fight now who can beat Trump is Hillary Clinton.  Period.  Here’s why;

Much as I love Bernie, and I do love an honest idealist, he will never be elected U.S. president in November, 2016.

First, he is a socialist.  Most Americans don’t even know what the word socialist actually means and certainly don’t know what permutation Bernie Sanders has in mind (if he truly knows himself).  Having lived in countries where socialist ideals are part of the fabric of everyday life, I can say simply, it’s great.  But Americans today have no idea what modern socialist mechanisms could do for them if integrated into our system, and they cannot be educated about this in the next few months.   All they know is, we were brought up to see socialists as the enemy of our democratic freedoms and our capitalist successes – i.e., Marxism, revolution, communism, oppressive state control, loss of freedoms, crushing poverty and ultimately, hiding under our school desks in fear of atomic attack.  The stigma of socialism for middle Americans will not go away just because a few lefty optimists see the light.  Bernie is dead in the water on this issue alone.

Second, he is a Jew.  For those of you who aren’t, be aware that antisemitism is alive and growing around the world and especially in America.  While public protests against minorities are not well received here, the undercurrent of antisemitism in America is strong in all socio-economic strati, not just in the poor southern states.  Everywhere, from Wall Street, to Hollywood (yes, Hollywood), to the waving fields of Midwest grain, antisemitism is an unspoken bias.  Jews are again becoming popular scape goats for the ills of society.  And, the current Nazi-fication of the state of Israel is not helping.  The Israeli’s failure to control their radical elements in their dispute with the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors has once again helped to create an ugly and unsympathetic picture of Jews everywhere.  Thank you, Zionist Israel.

In this atmosphere, Bernie Sanders will not be elected president by the American public. Simply, he embodies too many deep-seated prejudices.  Maybe someday, if and when Americans ever grow up, but not now and voters who have faith in a dream before its time will plunge America into a terminal abyss.

A few other things about Bernie; some voters think he is too old at 74.  I don’t agree, but he is about the same age as Ronald Reagan was, who arguably began showing signs of his senility while still in office.  Sanders running against a Republican herd of 40-somethings highlights the difference in ages.

Also remember, the job of the U. S. President is 95% fixing a broken bureaucracy and 5% attempting to bring your ideals to life.  Barak Obama found that out and had the stamina and grit to stay the course for eight years, fighting an overwhelmingly unfair battle against an ignorant, biased and bigoted Republican political machine. I don’t see Bernie doing a good job at this and all the ranting and raging by the next lame-duck president will not win this battle.  He is simply not the right person at this time.

What can we do?  Unanimously support and elect Hillary Clinton.  Yes, the Hillary Clinton we all hoped would remind us of her husband, would feel like a virgin champion of women’s rights and minorities, would seduce us with her feminine wiles and embody our dream of a future again-great America with freedom and equality for all.

Well, that was the other Hillary Clinton.  This one is the abrasive, sometimes obnoxious, prevaricating, slightly morally flexible political combatant.

[You can skip this next part if you don’t care about experience, integrity and the deadly fight for the true American way]

The real Hillary Clinton has also been, at one time or another, a few other things; a highly experienced and engaged First Lady, Secretary Of State, Senator, Christian, honor student, Yale graduate, child advocacy champion, First Lady of Arkansas, Jimmy Carter-appointed chair of the Board Of Legal Services, Chair of the Arkansas Rural Health Advisory Committee, mother, Chair of the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee and chair of the American Bar Association's Commission on Women in the Profession. She also served on the boards of the Arkansas Children's Hospital Legal Services and the Children's Defense Fund, architect of the Clinton Health Care Plan and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.  She was instrumental in the passage of the Foster Care Independence Act, which doubled federal monies for teenagers aging out of foster care.  Hillary Clinton traveled to 79 countries during her time as First Lady and 112 countries as Secretary Of State, both records.  As United States Senator for New York she actively served on committees for budget, armed services, the environment, health, education, aging and labor.  The list goes on.

Hillary may be a politician but she is highly educated, dedicated to true American ideals and a competent administrator.  Compare this to Donald Trump, a swindling pig, bigoted con man and liar.

And Hillary is a friend of Wall Street?  I say, thank god.  The next Democratic president will have no friends in a Republican-controlled Washington and powerful allies in high places will be the only way they will ever get anything done so stop your whining and start strategizing for winning.  The fight for the next presidency is a deadly power struggle to save America from irretrievable destruction.  Airy-fairy idealism will be crushed under a heavy reality if we don’t fight fire with fire.  Holding our country together while we experience a cultural and economic Big Bang can only be done by someone whose feet are on the ground.

Remember, if your friends are voting for Bernie, then your friends are not a credible example of cross-section America.  Bernie Sanders will be a weak candidate against Donald Trump in the general election and he will lose.  Hillary will be a strong candidate who will ultimately appeal to rational minds.  You don’t have to love her, but if there are enough of us left who can think clearly and are willing to work for it, she could beat Donald Trump.

Vote for Hillary Clinton and don’t be an idealistic idiot.